Association of Municipal Administrators, Prince Edward Island

  Purpose of the Association

    • The main purpose of the Association is to provide a vehicle on PEI to promote and encourage the ongoing professional development of persons employed in association with municipal administration.

    • Encourage the interchange of ideas and experience among persons employed in, or associated with, local government in Prince Edward Island and to encourage a similar exchange of ideas and experience between municipal administrators in PEI and the remaining provinces;

    • Ascertain and notify the members of the laws and practices relating to matters connected with municipal administration;

    • Work to upgrade the quality of public service of members by working closely with the Department of Municipal Affairs and Attorney General, Federation of PEI Municipalities, Municipal Administration Program at Henson College, Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators and other organizations and educational boards interested in the goals of the Association;

    • Create in the general public a greater awareness and better understanding of the benefits and aspects of municipal government and administration;

    • Establish and maintain standards of ethics and performance for members.

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